What is the Hazcom App?

OSHA requires that all businesses have Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (SDS) readily available in the event that they are needed in an emergency.

Hazcom is an all-inclusive mobile application available on all iOS and Android devices. This app offers a simple interface making it easy to quickly find the information you need. 

Improve Business Safety

Media Monkey’s Hazcom app puts safety knowledge in the palm of your hand by being an all-inclusive mobile app. This new app offers a simple interface making it easy to quickly find the information that you need.

The Hazcom app may replace the current HazCom sheets in your place of business, eliminating paper waste and keeping employees up to date on all available Safety Data Sheets.


Safety Information at the palm of your hand!

SDS Sheets

SDS Sheets are stored on the device for rapid access, even without the internet. The SDS Sheets are instantly updated from the manufacturer.


SDS Sheets can be shared via popular options, if available on your device (print, email, bluetooth, air drop (iOS only), text messaging services).

Hazcom Safety Manual

Upload your own Standard Safety practices manual and include things like OSHA laws, a training presentation script, a printable Employee Acknowledgment Form, and more!

Poison Control

Easy access to Poison Control, with quick call button for devices with calling.

Safety Videos

Easy access to safety videos specific to your business.

Safety Tips & Files

A list of your business’s Safety Tips & Best Practices. Safety Training Files, provided by your business.